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"My collection of quotations, poetry and inspirations.

To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty; To find the best in others; To give of one's self; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - This is to have succeeded."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Source: Attributed to Emerson but not found in any of his writings.

"When on life's journey it becomes our lot to travel with criticism of skeptics, the hate of some, the rejection of others, the impatience of many, or a friend's betrayal, we must be able to pray in such a manner that an abiding faith and a strong testimony that the Lord will be with us to the end, will compel us to say, "Nevertheless, Father, Thy will be done, and with Thy help, in patience I will follow firmly on the path that takes me back to Thee."

Angel Abrea
Source: Ensign, May 1992, p. 26. by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by permission.

“I've learned that good-byes will always hurt, pictures will never replace having been there, memories good and bad will bring tears, and words can never replace feelings.”

“Many of you would like to live more like the Amish — so if you admire their faith — strengthen yours. If you admire their family life — spend more time with your family. If you admire their sense of commitment — deepen yours. If you admire their sense of community spirit — build one. If you admire their quality merchandise — make quality. If you admire their humility — be humble. If you admire their unselfishness — put others first. If you admire their honesty — be honest. If you admire their willingness to help those in need — help the needy. If you admire their land stewardship — take care of yours. If you admire their deep character and enduring values — live them.”

"God doesn't give you the people you want; He gives you the people you NEED... to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be."

"We should consider ourselves as spirits having a human experience rather than humans having an occasional spiritual experience."

'Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets,
so love the people who treat you right,
forget about the ones who don't,
and believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, take it.
If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.'

"Give me a man who is man enough to give himself just to the woman who is worth him. If that woman were me, I would love him alone... and forever."
- Cassinova

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
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