Nov. 20th, 2008

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It just depends... I never scorn them. Thats their choice and their right, but I don't feel bad that they're stuck outside in the cold and/or rain. Thats the least of their worries. They're intentionally damaging their lungs, the very thing they need to survive. They're likely to give themselves lung cancer and/or a myriad of other health problems. Standing in the cold and rain is what... going to give them pneumonia??? Like I said... obviously not their biggest concern. If I have a friend in the group that I really want to talk to or say my mother (who is also a smoker) stands in their midst then of course I'll join them. Its not going to stop me or anything, but if I don't know anyone in the group, I'll just walk on by.

I don't feel bad that a growing number of establishments are choosing to make their property smoke free. Theres a huge difference between choosing to damage your liver with alcohol and choosing to damage your lungs and the lungs of everyone around you, because you choose to light up. Drinking is just as damaging to your health, yes, but unlike smoking you aren't forcing those around you to suffer the concequences of your actions... unless of course you're a complete idiot and illegally get behind the wheel drunk.

Anyways, thats just my two cents. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It doesn't mean that it really matters or that anyone really cares, but for what its worth, thats my take on the issue.
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Praying. Without a doubt I would definitely have to say praying. Why wish on a star when you can ask the one who made those stars? Does this mean I've never wished upon a star or ever partaken in the many other odd traditions supposedly capable of granting your wish... yeah I've done them out of fun, but they've never worked and I never genuinely believed that they would.... EVER. If I ever really want something or need something I pray.... its more likely to happen if I ask God Himself for it.


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